What Clients are Saying…

Emilio De Simone was recommended to me as someone I should talk to about my criminal charges. From the moment I met him, I knew he was the defense attorney I needed. He immediately put me at ease because it was obvious that he truly cared about his clients. Emilio and his partner put on a great defense and I was found not guilty of all charges.

I would highly recommend Emilio to anyone needing a lawyer.

Tim Perry

I found Emilio to be professional and knowledgeable. He knows how to explain the legalities of Estate Law to the average person. He helped us make sure we considered all aspects essential to our personal situation when making our estate planning decisions.

I would strongly recommend Emilio for his legal expertise.

Tonia M. Johnston

I recently hired Mr. De Simone to assist me with preparing my estate plan. I had no idea what to expect going into the process and was very glad I met with Mr. De Simone. He explained to me the numerous pitfalls and drawbacks in not having a will at all and how the specific language of my will would have a profound impact on my family when I die. I was under the impression that if I died without a will, the system would ensure that my family would get my estate. I had no idea the enormous costs and delays associated with going through probate without a valid and enforceable will that my family would have had to endure if I had passed without an appropriate estate plan. I also had no idea about the tax consequences to my family that he has helped me avoid by properly drafting my estate documents. Mr. De Simone met with me promptly and was always available to talk with me and ensure that I understood the very complicated language of my will.

I highly recommend anyone who has not had their estate plan completed or reviewed contact Mr. De Simone.

Trevor McFee

I liked him from the first moment and knew he was the right guy for the job. We hired Emilio to set up our business entity.

He was thorough, quick and a pleasure to work with.

Don Graham

I’ve counted on Emilio De Simone Law for handling all of the legal needs relating to my business, as well as my personal Estate Planning. I had the fortunate circumstance of growing my business faster than I ever imagined and I feel like I have a guardian angel in Emilio De Simone Law. A year ago, I was flying by the seat of my pants… too busy to put any focus on the details of my business.

Emilio De Simone provided me with the guidance, legal education and hard work I needed to ensure that everything I have worked so hard for is secure and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Dave Klein, Founder – Klein New Media

Why Emilio De Simone is the Right Attorney for You

Emilio De Simone is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients in all cases relating to Personal Injury Law, Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and DUI Defense. He will be the first to tell you if he is not the right person to take your case. His straight forwardness and honesty are the reasons people trust him and his passion for helping people is recognized by not only his clients, but also his peers.