Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney DenverNo Win No Fee

All too often people are injured and decide that a lawyer is too expensive so they accept a settlement that is far below the amount that they would have received if they had someone in their corner fighting for them.

Make no mistake about it, an insurance company will not pay anything more than they have to pay to settle a case with you. There’s a reason why insurance companies make a lot of money and that reason is not because they go out of their way to pay big claims.

Quite the contrary, they will pay the bare minimum that they have to in order to close the case. Insurance companies deal with claims everyday and are experienced in negotiating a claim. It would be unreasonable to expect a person that doesn’t do this on a regular basis to be able to negotiate with an insurance company and get the best result for themselves.

If you’ve been injured in some way, whether in a simple traffic accident or a serious medical malpractice issue, you need someone to look out for your best interest. We will be that person. We will negotiate a settlement for you and if the settlement isn’t to your liking, we will take your case to trial in an effort to get what it takes to make you whole.

Why Emilio De Simone is the Right Attorney for You

Emilio De Simone is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients in all cases relating to Personal Injury Law, Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and DUI Defense. He will be the first to tell you if he is not the right person to take your case. His straight forwardness and honesty are the reasons people trust him and his passion for helping people is recognized by not only his clients, but also his peers.