DUI Defense Representation

DUI Defense Attorney DenverMany people make the mistake of thinking they are doing the right thing and will talk to the police. The truth is that when police are talking to you, they are generally talking to you to get information to build a case against you. In the unlikely event that talking to the police is the right thing to do, an attorney should make this determination for you before you speak to an officer.

Police are trained and experienced in interrogation. You need to equal the playing field by having someone in your corner that is experienced in this area before you talk to the police.

Lastly, if and when the day of trial arrives, you need to have someone that will do the best they can to defend your position. Going about this alone can have dire consequences. For DUIs it can be particularly important to seek legal counsel quickly because time deadlines for DMV issues start becoming an issue quickly.

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Why Emilio De Simone is the Right Attorney for You

Emilio De Simone is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients in all cases relating to Personal Injury Law, Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and DUI Defense. He will be the first to tell you if he is not the right person to take your case. His straight forwardness and honesty are the reasons people trust him and his passion for helping people is recognized by not only his clients, but also his peers.