Family Law

Family Law Attorney DenverLegal Representation with Crucial Outcomes

All too often, people complain about the repercussions of not having had an attorney to represent them when they were getting a divorce. Divorces aren’t fun for anyone, not for the parties, not for the attorneys, and most importantly not for the children.

When there are children involved, the primary consideration should be the best interest of the children. After all, they didn’t sign up for a divorce proceeding yet they get the worst part of the situation at hand. That’s why we look out for the children first. We will do whatever it takes to look out for the best interest of your children while also looking out for your best interest.

Don’t have your divorce finalized with you having thoughts of wishing you had had an attorney so that you might have had more time with your children, different child support obligations, or different maintenance obligations. Take action before it’s too late.

Why Emilio De Simone is the Right Attorney for You

Emilio De Simone is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients in all cases relating to Personal Injury Law, Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and DUI Defense. He will be the first to tell you if he is not the right person to take your case. His straight forwardness and honesty are the reasons people trust him and his passion for helping people is recognized by not only his clients, but also his peers.